Palm Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Worship Begins – 10:00 am
Pastor Al Detter - Live – 10:22 am

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We are so glad you have joined us online!  

Weekly Bulletin

Each week you may find this, our Weekly Bulletin, directly on our website at

The Purpose of CCC

Reaching people for Christ, discipling people to maturity.  That’s what we’re all about! Let’s chase this purpose even during this pandemic.


Online worship on Sundays at 10 am on the churchs Facebook page.  Pastor Al will normally be in the church office on Tuesdays and Thursdays if there are no binding shelter-in-place restrictions.   

Children’s Videos

Shelley Brautigam will post a link on the churchs Facebook page on Saturdays.  Parents and children alike will benefit from doing this together.

Church Finances

As best we can, we want to keep the financial picture of CCC healthy.  Your ongoing, regular giving to the church is very important and so much appreciated.  A good and growing trend at CCC is online giving. 

Giving Options:

Via the online giving portal: 

Via the Church Center App on your mobile device.  Find it here:

Apple - App Store

Android - Google Play

By mailing your personal check or money order to:

Christ Community Church
219 Berry Rd.
Fredonia, NY 14063.   

Elders’ Fund

Your continued giving to this fund will help the Elders meet growing needs.  You may designate a gift to this fund while using either of the online giving options listed above, or by designating so on your personal check.

If you have financial needs or know of needs, please contact an Elder.  Contact information is listed later in this bulletin.   

Help from CCC

If you find yourself in need: errands’ run, supplies, spiritually, or otherwise, please contact an Elder or Pastor Al.   We’ll do what we can. 
If you can run errands, please let Pastor Al or an Elder know.  
If you need a necessity errand run, call 410-4645, 366-4971, or 679-4002.

Staying Connected

Reach out to people in our church via social media and phone.  Chat with them.  Encourage them.  Pray with them.  Find out if they have needs, especially people that are at higher risk.  Do the same thing in your neighborhood. 

Private Facebook Group

Christ Community Church Fredonia Prayer Requests & Communication Center

We have established a private Facebook page (group) just for our own church where you can make posts, voice prayer requests and engage each other.

To Join, please contact one of the following:
Todd Matteson:
Shelley Brautigam:
Andrew Brautigam:

Reading Proverbs Together

Each day, to join together in spirit as a church, read the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds with the day’s date.  For example, on April 6th you would read Proverbs chapter 6. Patty Matteson is posting something good relating to each day’s reading on our Facebook page.

Pastoral Search Committee Update

We’re meeting weekly via Zoom.  Through networking and advertising, we’ve already received some good resumes. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers!


“We’ll never forgot the Lent we gave up everything” –Pastor Mike Watson

Holy Week Events

Each day this week, read a Gospel account of Christ’s last days - His Triumphal Entry, His temple experiences, His teachings, the Passover meal, His Gethsemane experience and betrayal, His trials, His crucifixion, His burial, His resurrection, and His appearances.




Luke 19:28-40


BIG IDEA – The presence of Jesus demands our praise.


Exhortation #1



Hang around people who praise Jesus (Lk. 19:37)







Exhortation #2

Inform your praises of Jesus with Scripture (Lk. 19:38)







Exhortation #3

Stay away from people who put a damper on praising Jesus (Lk. 19:39)






Exhortation #4

Don’t make Jesus use “Plan B” (Lk. 19:40)









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Christ Community Church
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