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LIVE sundays @ 9:30 am

CCC is going LIVE Sundays @ 9:30 am. Join us for a time of worship and reflection each week in real time with the congregation. You can find the feed right here on Facebook, on our YouTube Channel, our website on the tab labeled LIVE, and on our BOXCAST channel online or the app that can be downloaded to your smart TV (link below). We are so excited to see you LIVE from 219 berry Rd. this Sunday @ 9 am.

Financial News from Trustee Chair, Ray Wilson

Dear Friend of CCC:

As you know, we are going to do church electronically on-line for at least the next several weeks until the coronavirus crisis has passed. Our financial needs, however, will go on as ever.  We want to be able to be faithful to our commitments to our pastor, our missionaries, and of course pay our normal and routine bills.

Therefore we want to encourage you to continue to give as generously and faithfully as you have in the past. There are several options that you can still use to give, even though we will not be passing any offering plates around: 1. Please try out the online giving app at Church Center. The app is free and you can download it to your phone or other Apple device. You can give whenever you like, and you can designate your gift go to the Elder‘s fund or the building fund, in addition to the general fund. We expect the Elder‘s fund to be of particular importance in this time of financial crisis for many. 2. You can simply mail checks, money orders, etc. to the church at: Christ Community Church, 219 Berry Rd., Fredonia NY 14063. We will be counting and depositing these gifts in person from time to time. Sending cash through the mail is not a good idea and we ask you not to do that. 3. If you have a checking account, your bank may allow you to set up a regular payment via “bill pay“. Some of you already do this. Typically there is no charge for this service, and whatever amount you specify will be taken from your checking account and mailed to the bank as you decide.

Thank you again for your support for CCC and its ministries.


Ray Wilson, Trustee Chair


The Online Donor Portal can be reached here:

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