Our Team


Mark Ferrer - Lead Pastor

Christ Community Church is pleased to announce the employment of Pastor Mark Ferrer (FUR-rare)! Originally born and raised in NYC, Mark comes to us from the sunny state of Florida where he was finishing his Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. His wife Sasha and their young daughter, Autumn, are also excited about the move and look forward to all that CCC has to offer. Mark is incredibly excited to serve as CCC’s next Lead Pastor and is bringing in so many great visions and plans for our church and surrounding community. With an outward focus, Mark’s aim is to share and show Christ to see our community made new. Some of Mark’s immediate goals are to:      

                - Launch a new logo

                - Revamp our online presence (website and social media)

               - Host a team interest lunch

               - Host a small group leader interest lunch

As CCC begins this new chapter, we would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for Pastor Al Detter and his wife Marie for faithfully leading us during this time of transition.  Your passionate dedication to moving our church forward during these past few months will never be forgotten.  We will miss you!

On Sunday, August 4th, Pastor Mark will be preaching and launching a brand-new series on the Gospel of John. The leadership of Christ Community Church are very excited about this next step for our church family and we continue to pray for smooth transitions for all involved. We look forward to continuing to share and show Christ and, through his power, see our community made new!


Andrew Brautigam- Music Team Leader

I grew up playing music and woke up on Sunday mornings hearing my mom pound out that morning's music on our family's grand piano. When I was a teenager I decided I needed to learn how to play the guitar, so I stole the cheap beginner guitar my sister ignored and have been playing in churches ever since. If you can play an instrument or sing, and feel called to be a part of a team creating powerful worship experiences, please contact me. Our teams lead our Church with authenticity and excellence. We serve our Church by playing music that is relevant, spiritually and culturally, to the community in which we live. 
I have been happily married to my wife, Shelley, since 2005, and enjoy playing with my three kids, running, biking, and eating. I graduated from Houghton College in 2005, and the West Virginia University College of Law in 2011. 

Shelley Brautigam- Square One Children’s Ministry Director

I grew up in a Christian home in Georgia and found my way to Christ Community Church through my husband Andrew (whose parents started the church in their living room.)  I have participated in the children’s ministry at CCC as both the mother of three children (Ben, Caleb and Hannah), and as a volunteer teacher.   My prior experience includes teaching both English and Special Education in private and public schools, as well as creating and leading a special needs ministry for children at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV.  
I have a passion for connecting children and their parents to Christ.  I am incredibly excited to collaborate with parents and other volunteers to make sure that every single child that walks into Christ Community Church knows that he or she is created and loved by God.
Outside of the church, I love to run and cook—both of which complement each other well.  When the ground isn’t frozen, I can be found hanging out at the playground with our kids.    
Interested in getting involed with Square One? Contact squareone@christcommunityfredonia.com for more information. 

Jonathan Geiger- Life Groups Coordinator

Jonathan is a 30 something father of 3, happily married to his wife Liz for 8 years. He grew up in a small town Baptist church in rural WNY. He loves to be outside and work with his hands, whether it be motorcycles, woodworking or something in between. Jonathan came to CCC in 2006 and has served as a trustee, youth group leader and currently as an elder. An extrovert at heart, Jonathan finds commonality with everyone he meets. He enjoys the potential of connecting people in real, healthy and nurturing groups. I can guarantee he is excited to meet you and help you springboard your desire to get connected in Christ Community Church.

Interested in getting involed in a life group? Contact lifegroups@christcommunityfredonia.com for more information. 


David Gould- Creative Team Leader

Born and raised in a small-town Baptist Church, David has been blessed to be raised knowing the love and power of Christ. After chasing a blue-eyed girl to CCC David has made her his wife and Christ Community Church his home. Staying involved, David has served with the youth group, as a trustee, and on the worship team; but above all else is his passion for the technological side of Christ Community Church and what is means to experience Church differently. With the creative team, he enjoys exploring all the new and exciting ways God’s word can be spread. David finds his inspiration from this verse.

Hebrews 13:6 God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me?

It is with that confidence in Christ you will find David with pink sneakers laced and ready for whatever comes his way every Sunday morning.

Interested in social media and design? Contact davidg@christcommunityfredonia.com for more information on the creative team. 


Our Elder board consists of

Bob Brown 
Jonathan Geiger
Josiah Lamp
Terry Mosher
Juan Placencia


Our Trustee board consists of

Daryl Brautigam
Jeff Novelli
Rob Przybysz
Charley Ryder
Ray Wilson